Ân cần giới thiệu


A Garden of Vietnamese

Lyrics & Verse  


Volume 1

Bilingual Edition



Compiled and Translated by: Vương Thanh

Paperback, 556 pages, 6 x 1.4 x 9 inches

Independently published

First Edition September, 2019

Languages: English and Vietnamese


Cover painting by Thanh Trí

Cover design by Nguyễn Minh Cát


ISBN-10: 1089621175
ISBN-13: 978-1089621171


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The Vietnamese people love poetry and romantic music. This book is a collection of Vietnamese song lyrics and verse, translated by a bilingual poet with over three decades of writing poetry. The book also include some poems written in English and translated back to Vietnamese. There are over 130 song lyrics and poems, written by many authors, covering various themes: love, homeland, memories, dreams, patriotism, Zen enlightenment, etc. Most of the selections are Vietnamese poetry and song classics. A poem or song is not unlike a flower, wherever it blooms. It was a delightful and artistic journey for me to bring over homeland flowers and replant them in the universal English garden to share with poetry lovers around the world. I wish the reader a pleasant time walking in “A Garden of Vietnamese Lyrics & Verse” and enjoy the exotic fragrances of flowers from the Orient. A sample edition in pdf format, with over 20 poems and songs, is available for download and distribution from the author's page on




Sample PDF

Preface / Giới thiệu  ( Vương Thanh)

Bàn về dịch thơ qua tiếng Anh  ( Vương Thanh )

Message About Poetry / Thông điệp về Thơ  ( Hà Thượng Nhân )

Dream Flying With Bằng Bird / Mơ với chim Bằng ( Vương Thanh )

Happiness Like Clouds Wandering / Hạnh Phúc Lang Thang ( Trần Ngọc Sơn)

Heaven’s Gate Shrouded in Smoky Mist /

                  Cửa Trời Sương Khói Khói Sương  ( Tuệ Nga )

To My Beloved In Her Grave / Gửi Người Dưới Mộ  ( Đinh Hùng )


Vương Thanh