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From a great sorrow,

                               creating great art.




Exhibit Dates: Nov. 1 - Dec. 30, 2011

Broward County Library - Main Library - 6th Floor

100 S. Andrews Ave.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301


Contact: Barbara Miller

(954) 357-7443 Fax-(954) 357-6122



" Nước Non Ngàn Dặm Ra Đi "

The words of miles, an exodus from home, a heart full of sorrows, O pity her.





This is Mang’s Opus. And her journey. Once belonging to the community of pain, she would be part of the community of hope. She had fed the earth with the blood of her family. She wanted to leave more at the end of her days. This indefatigable, persevering, talented 84 year old, painted day and night alongside her daughter for 6 years. Despite the brokenness engulfing her, she began her own healing and helped to heal others, known and unknown. “I will endure because I must still care for the living, whether I am here or not, so that they, in turn will care for each other.”

One of Mang’s daughters, Huong, now an International Artist and Peace Activist, tells that Mang asked her why she brought the war to America in her paintings. “It is beyond my understanding why you want those restless ghosts around. The paintings are so real and so sad. So much blood.”

Huong answered her, “I need to show people what has happened and still happens. War is always the same. Just different names. I want to make a statement in my art. We must make changes if we are to survive. And I need to get rid of the fear and the dread that I carried with me. I can paint it away and it gives me peace that I am doing something that matters just as you grow your flowers and tend the earth to give you peace.”

Mang decided that she would join her daughter in painting. But she would paint all the abstract shapes of flowers. She would never be without flowers again. She would cover the black shadows, the memories of charred bodies, the napalm, the Agent Orange, the barbed wire cages with beautiful flowers and inscribe them with words of peace. Within 6 short years, Mang worked productively to create dynamic compositions with her newly blooming flare for art at the end of her life. Producing more than 2000 canvases for the WORDS OF PEACE MURAL, her artwork also spans her first showings in the Art, War & Peace Museum in Jensen Beach, FL to her last contribution to the BP Oil Spill Mural, showcased in Wash. DC when sponsored by the American Library Association in Jan. ‘10









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